Sunday, May 17, 2009

a little of this, a little of that!

just a update on my life and other nonsense!
the new job is going well, kinda at a impasse at my training. I have been training at customer service, easy peasey stuff. since its not my store, I don't have access to certain things and it cuts into my customer service abilities. I am not fond of several of the staff that is training me either. there are 2 women there who are 'do as I say, not as I do' bitches. I dread working with them. one of my pet peaves is being micro managed. everyday I have to face that and I am loosing my patience. cant wait to get to my store. we had a meeting there today on customer service and I finally got to see what it looks like. I'm gonna love my store! its big and bright and very close to home. right now I am driving 44 miles round trip a day. its a pain. grand opening is June 3rd, counting down the minutes people, counting down the mintues.

these are just a few of the hoodies, most nights there up to
20 young men ages from 14 to 24 drinking and smoking
their dope. I suspect they are selling it too.
the hoodies are acting up agin. last night, one of them decided to break up a fight with a gun. several rounds were shot off. kicker is, it was done in the driveway of a sheriffs dept deputy. how stupid is that? both of us plus a couple more call the police. took 25 mins for them to get to my street cause the police that patrol my area were tied up on another case and they had to sent in police from another district. one of the hoodies is believed to have been shot. one witness said that the wounded hoodie was seen being taken into a house on my street. I live in a townhouse. there are 6 units per section. one of the units across the street has been a haven for the hoodies. mommydearest who owns that unit lets her semi adult son do what ever he wants when she is not there. most of us on the street know that there are drug dealing going on at that house. the police know what is going on, yet no stake outs are being done and no one is getting busted. in Feb there was a shooting incident and the ATF got involved, once agin, nothing happened and the residents are getting fed up. I have lived in my townhouse (which I own) since '95. I have seen a huge change in the 'hood. change for the worse. but unlike the president (notice I said THE president, I dint vote for him, he is not MY president) myself and others will be making changes. no longer will we be inactive on the hoodie front. I will be documenting all the hoodies activities and taking pictures. When you are stupid enough to smoke pot and drink in front of little ones, you deserve to be someone buttbuddy in jail. The police are very aware of what is going on, they tell us that until someone comes up to ID the ones that are doing the trouble making there is nothing they can do. bullshit...... I have taken lience plate numbers! I have called police with descriptions of the gunmen. The nieghbors and myself have told the police where the hoodies are hiding......the problem still exist. I will keep yall up on the further adventures of the hoodies of dunedin!
Ciao Baby!
(mauh) Liz

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