Saturday, August 29, 2009

all quiet in hoodieville......

wow! its been almost 2 months since my last post! geeee, that's a long time not to bitch about something! ever since the police finally did something about hoodies, its been very peaceful in hoodieville. I find it interesting that the hoodie can stand out side my building and fire off a gun and actual hit someone with a bullet, witness' tell the police where the dumb ass went and where the wounded guy is and have the nerve to tell us, unless someone can positively ID the nitwit there is nothing they can do???? but!!! throw a few firecrackers into my trash can ( I was at work at the time), now we are talking federal offense! apparently the 9-11 patriots act say that will full intention of setting off explosives in or on govt property (my trash can is owned by the city) is considered a treasonable act and is a federal offense. for almost 2 months now the hoodies have been gone. I have had some really good nights sleep. I have been a happy camper, hence no bitching on this blog. School starts up next week, we shall see how long the truce we have going will last.

I finally got my ruling on the unemployment thing in July. Jesus.....I got fired from the orange box in APRIL and finally got a ruling in JULY. I got a nice chunk of change of back pay and was able to catch up on alot of bills. and guess what? the orange box has filed an appeal! good gawd didn't participate in the 3 way phone call in May, that alone ruled in my favor.
you were notified before I was on the ruling, and now you want to file the appeal???? interesting fact....they had til Aug 18 to file, they filed on Aug 14th. as slow as the system works in Va, my bennies will have run out before we get the appeal date. til the appeal date, I am still getting the bennies, I still have to do a job search online and in person and report findings and money earned from my 20 hr a week cashier job. I guess the big orange box thought since I got another job so soon they wouldn't have to pay VEC. ya guess wrong!

Speaking of cashiering, the first of the month is coming up. I dread it. On the first the food stamps debit cards will be loaded and I will have to deal with every ghetto and trailer park trash man, woman and screaming child within a 10 mile radius. thank gawd my store doesn't deal with WIC. Yes I know.....their purchases pay for my paycheck......but the 30% in taxes they take out of my check each week pays for thier SSI and ADC money, food stamps, Medicaid, fuel assistance and everything else they feel they are 'entitled' to because they be po' and on welfare. When my son was born, I relayed on the Govt for ADC, food stamps and WIC. I was not on it for long, less than 2 years. that is what the system was meant for......temporary assistance! Last month I saw 3 generations of women come in with their food stamp debit cards and bought better food than I can afford. All these women had their hair done nicely, nails done and wearing more gold that Mr T. After I got fired, I had applied for food stamps. I was turned down because I had to many assets, I own my own home and car. Yet I see women like this all the time and wonder, how can they do this without a guilty conscious???

ok, enough bitching for one day!
Ciao baby!
(mauh) Liz

Sunday, July 5, 2009

something to do the next time you are in a Walmart


I stole this bingo card off of another humor blog that I love to read. he got it in a email. he said we could share, so here it is:

now dont get mad or pissy at me if you reconize yourself here. hell I do! not gonna say which one either. I sent this to my quilting buddies, they thought it was a hoot. one of my buddies wrote to say she printed it out and took it to wally, she had the whole card filled out in 20 mins. if you want to print it out, copy and paste this pic to a email and mail it to yourself. then print out the email. trust me, it works!

Ciao baby! (mauh) Liz

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

things that make me go grrrrrr.......

I found out something very interesting today. did ya know that a store can charge YOU for using your debit card? yup! 2.5% extra tax for the previledge of using YOUR money. I received a email today from a pickle posse member (its a online quilting group) asking ' what to use for money these days?'. she stated in her letter, which I have copied and pasted here:

has anyone else been listening to the news and catching up on the latest in Bank fees, credit card fees, and debit card fees? The story on our news last night had me digging thru the internet today and I am stunned. Apparently because the Govt. stepped in and told the Banks and CC companies they could no longer do unfair % hikes, they are now gauging you in every little way imaginable. (not they weren't already) Take for instance today, my mom went to the local plant nursery to buy a few bedding plants. At the check out is a new sign..."How will you pay"?...what is that my mom asks...Well, said the lady, we no longer accept checks, if you use a bank debit card we charge 2.5% more, and if you use a CC we now charge an additional 5%, to cover the fees the bank now charges us for those transactions! WTF????? So I went back read more..and YES, now if you use your debit card, (which is supposed to be like YOUR cash) #1, the place you use can/will charge you a 2.5% transaction fee on top of your purchase and taxes!, #2- If you use it for small purchases, your bank can now HOLD the processing of that transaction until you have spent $100...meaning if you do not check your bank acct. every day, you might very well end up over drawn..something the bank will love, as the new OD fee went up again to nearly $30.00..meaning if you are just over $20, you end up paying some 3,500% interest on that in fees and loans from the bank....

I went back and checked 2 receipts, one from wally world and one from the grocery store where I work. sure enough! there was that extra 2.5% added tax for using my MC/check card. the kicker is, if you buy hot foods, they add on another 7% tax for 'entertainment tax'! I looked at another receipt where I had paid cash.....straight of 5% virginia tax only. aint that something? maybe it is a good thing that the goverment stepped in and told the CC companys 'shame on you!' and put a couple of laws into place. I have to admit that I saw this in my reciept a long time ago and didnt think anything of it til today. I am not even making it from paycheck to paycheck theses days and they want to tax the shit out of it.

BTW......I finally heard from the va employment commission yesterday. apprently the deputy in charge of my case was on leave and dint finalize anything until I made a phone call last week inquiring about the 3 way call that I had on MAY 22. Its been 10 weeks since I was fired from the big orange box and I have not recieved one dime. the deputy on the phone that she that I was fired unjustifiably and that she would rule in my favor. even though I have gone back to work, its still part time and I would get part time unemployment. so it will be another 2 weeks before I hear ya or nay on the benifits. its really pissing me off, I have paid into that fund for over 20 years and I expect to get some of it back. call me greedy, I dont care, I dont qualify for any of the goverment programs cause I own my own home. screw the fact that its not paid for and that I still owe another 16 years on it. nope...I have assets that are over $1000 and I dont get nothing.....
ciao baby!
(mauh) Liz

Friday, June 19, 2009

Its an conspiracy I tell ya....

Its an conspiracy I tell ya ........yall know about the HDtv conversion recently. I have 3 older TVs. I send off for my coupons for the converter units and got my son, beloved monkey boy to order them to be sent to his house. Coupons came last year, bought my boxes( all 4 of them) and set them to the side. I was in no hurry to install them. I am a quilt maker, not a tech head. In April when the original due date for the flip over was about to come, I install one. had some issues with it but it got done with the help of BMB on the phone. That boy has a friggin' potty mouth, haven't a clue where he got it...... anyhow....the reception was pretty bad. BMB said I might need a anteni on the roof. OH HELL NO, I aint climbing the friggin roof..... besides, I don't have the money. when I got fired from the orange box (see earlier post) the new job I got was less money and part time. my income was literally cut in half. I have no money to spare. Maybe I can trade a quilt or two for one. Believe it or not, there are people who still barder in my neck of the woods. I turn off the converter box and watched regular analog til the switch. sooooooo June 12th came with the big switch over. SURPRISE! the reception is clear as a bell! and I have 12 more channels (I don't have cable, never was in the budget, hell I'm on dial up!) 5 of which are bible thumping crap. I said to BMB I wont need an anteni now. He suggested that the analog and the HD signals were completing with each other. Now that analog is turn off, HD has it all. haaaaaaaaaaa, I dont need no stinkin' antei. think of all those people who went out and bought a new roof anteni so they could watch their NASCAR. its an conspiracy I tell ya, a motherhumping conspiracy.........
ciao baby!
(mauh) Liz

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Global Facts . . .

At Any Given Moment:

79,000,000 people are engaged in sex - right now.

58,000,000 are kissing.
37,000,000 are relaxing after having sex.


1 old timer is reading blogs.

You hang in there, Sunshine . . .

caio baby!
(mauh) Liz

Sunday, May 17, 2009

a little of this, a little of that!

just a update on my life and other nonsense!
the new job is going well, kinda at a impasse at my training. I have been training at customer service, easy peasey stuff. since its not my store, I don't have access to certain things and it cuts into my customer service abilities. I am not fond of several of the staff that is training me either. there are 2 women there who are 'do as I say, not as I do' bitches. I dread working with them. one of my pet peaves is being micro managed. everyday I have to face that and I am loosing my patience. cant wait to get to my store. we had a meeting there today on customer service and I finally got to see what it looks like. I'm gonna love my store! its big and bright and very close to home. right now I am driving 44 miles round trip a day. its a pain. grand opening is June 3rd, counting down the minutes people, counting down the mintues.

these are just a few of the hoodies, most nights there up to
20 young men ages from 14 to 24 drinking and smoking
their dope. I suspect they are selling it too.
the hoodies are acting up agin. last night, one of them decided to break up a fight with a gun. several rounds were shot off. kicker is, it was done in the driveway of a sheriffs dept deputy. how stupid is that? both of us plus a couple more call the police. took 25 mins for them to get to my street cause the police that patrol my area were tied up on another case and they had to sent in police from another district. one of the hoodies is believed to have been shot. one witness said that the wounded hoodie was seen being taken into a house on my street. I live in a townhouse. there are 6 units per section. one of the units across the street has been a haven for the hoodies. mommydearest who owns that unit lets her semi adult son do what ever he wants when she is not there. most of us on the street know that there are drug dealing going on at that house. the police know what is going on, yet no stake outs are being done and no one is getting busted. in Feb there was a shooting incident and the ATF got involved, once agin, nothing happened and the residents are getting fed up. I have lived in my townhouse (which I own) since '95. I have seen a huge change in the 'hood. change for the worse. but unlike the president (notice I said THE president, I dint vote for him, he is not MY president) myself and others will be making changes. no longer will we be inactive on the hoodie front. I will be documenting all the hoodies activities and taking pictures. When you are stupid enough to smoke pot and drink in front of little ones, you deserve to be someone buttbuddy in jail. The police are very aware of what is going on, they tell us that until someone comes up to ID the ones that are doing the trouble making there is nothing they can do. bullshit...... I have taken lience plate numbers! I have called police with descriptions of the gunmen. The nieghbors and myself have told the police where the hoodies are hiding......the problem still exist. I will keep yall up on the further adventures of the hoodies of dunedin!
Ciao Baby!
(mauh) Liz

Friday, May 15, 2009

just a thought!



I'm just passing this thought along.....Have you ever wondered if the one dollar bills in your wallet were ever in a stripper's butt crack? If not, you're wondering now.Have a nice day !!

(mauh) Liz