Friday, June 19, 2009

Its an conspiracy I tell ya....

Its an conspiracy I tell ya ........yall know about the HDtv conversion recently. I have 3 older TVs. I send off for my coupons for the converter units and got my son, beloved monkey boy to order them to be sent to his house. Coupons came last year, bought my boxes( all 4 of them) and set them to the side. I was in no hurry to install them. I am a quilt maker, not a tech head. In April when the original due date for the flip over was about to come, I install one. had some issues with it but it got done with the help of BMB on the phone. That boy has a friggin' potty mouth, haven't a clue where he got it...... anyhow....the reception was pretty bad. BMB said I might need a anteni on the roof. OH HELL NO, I aint climbing the friggin roof..... besides, I don't have the money. when I got fired from the orange box (see earlier post) the new job I got was less money and part time. my income was literally cut in half. I have no money to spare. Maybe I can trade a quilt or two for one. Believe it or not, there are people who still barder in my neck of the woods. I turn off the converter box and watched regular analog til the switch. sooooooo June 12th came with the big switch over. SURPRISE! the reception is clear as a bell! and I have 12 more channels (I don't have cable, never was in the budget, hell I'm on dial up!) 5 of which are bible thumping crap. I said to BMB I wont need an anteni now. He suggested that the analog and the HD signals were completing with each other. Now that analog is turn off, HD has it all. haaaaaaaaaaa, I dont need no stinkin' antei. think of all those people who went out and bought a new roof anteni so they could watch their NASCAR. its an conspiracy I tell ya, a motherhumping conspiracy.........
ciao baby!
(mauh) Liz

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