Saturday, August 29, 2009

all quiet in hoodieville......

wow! its been almost 2 months since my last post! geeee, that's a long time not to bitch about something! ever since the police finally did something about hoodies, its been very peaceful in hoodieville. I find it interesting that the hoodie can stand out side my building and fire off a gun and actual hit someone with a bullet, witness' tell the police where the dumb ass went and where the wounded guy is and have the nerve to tell us, unless someone can positively ID the nitwit there is nothing they can do???? but!!! throw a few firecrackers into my trash can ( I was at work at the time), now we are talking federal offense! apparently the 9-11 patriots act say that will full intention of setting off explosives in or on govt property (my trash can is owned by the city) is considered a treasonable act and is a federal offense. for almost 2 months now the hoodies have been gone. I have had some really good nights sleep. I have been a happy camper, hence no bitching on this blog. School starts up next week, we shall see how long the truce we have going will last.

I finally got my ruling on the unemployment thing in July. Jesus.....I got fired from the orange box in APRIL and finally got a ruling in JULY. I got a nice chunk of change of back pay and was able to catch up on alot of bills. and guess what? the orange box has filed an appeal! good gawd didn't participate in the 3 way phone call in May, that alone ruled in my favor.
you were notified before I was on the ruling, and now you want to file the appeal???? interesting fact....they had til Aug 18 to file, they filed on Aug 14th. as slow as the system works in Va, my bennies will have run out before we get the appeal date. til the appeal date, I am still getting the bennies, I still have to do a job search online and in person and report findings and money earned from my 20 hr a week cashier job. I guess the big orange box thought since I got another job so soon they wouldn't have to pay VEC. ya guess wrong!

Speaking of cashiering, the first of the month is coming up. I dread it. On the first the food stamps debit cards will be loaded and I will have to deal with every ghetto and trailer park trash man, woman and screaming child within a 10 mile radius. thank gawd my store doesn't deal with WIC. Yes I know.....their purchases pay for my paycheck......but the 30% in taxes they take out of my check each week pays for thier SSI and ADC money, food stamps, Medicaid, fuel assistance and everything else they feel they are 'entitled' to because they be po' and on welfare. When my son was born, I relayed on the Govt for ADC, food stamps and WIC. I was not on it for long, less than 2 years. that is what the system was meant for......temporary assistance! Last month I saw 3 generations of women come in with their food stamp debit cards and bought better food than I can afford. All these women had their hair done nicely, nails done and wearing more gold that Mr T. After I got fired, I had applied for food stamps. I was turned down because I had to many assets, I own my own home and car. Yet I see women like this all the time and wonder, how can they do this without a guilty conscious???

ok, enough bitching for one day!
Ciao baby!
(mauh) Liz

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