Friday, March 27, 2009

da hoodies.....


Let me tell yall about my hoodies. Hoodlums aka hoodies. They are a group of young men and women thug wannabes. Their ages range from 14 to 22. Mostly male, mostly assholes.I tried to get a picture of them to post but they have been kinda
quiet after the incident of the asswipe who shot off a .380 in front of my building, Valentines Night. now that the ATF agents are involved, things have gotten alot better. the police sit in the cul-de-sac just about everyday. after that incident, my son , poster boy for the NRA, strongly encouraged me to get my concealed carry weapons permit. He has had his for a few years now and with the hoodies being butt wipes, he wanted me to have mine. I took the class recently and I passed! Son takes me to the range and I get to shoot with his guns to get a feel of what is comfortable to me. I find I am happy with the .22 and my 'gun fairy' plans on getting me a gun for my birthday in Oct. I am looking at a very pretty compact .380. I have the right to bare arms, dammit I will!

For over a year they are being jerks and thugs. The police have been called many times, of course there was a lookout at the corner and when they saw the police they told their friends and the hoodies would scatter like the cockroaches they are. once the police left , they would come out of the wood work. they have an unusal way of warning each other. since most have cell phones, the look out would text them all when the police were coming. ah, modern technology, ain't it wonderful? (snicker-snort)

I have called the Police more times in the last 8 months than I ever have since buying this house in '95. 2 weeks after the Vday incident, there was a huge fight over owed drug money. about 40 hoodies were involved, it got UGLY. I called the police and was put on hold. apprently everyone else was calling the police about the fight too. 8 squad cars showed up and a couple of people were arrested. There has been peace on the street for a couple of weeks, gawd help us when spring break arrives. sad part is.....most of the hoodies dont even live in my neighborhood! they are coming in from other areas. It is all cause of the problem child hoodie that lives across the street from me. he is the 'leader' of the pack. when the fight over the drug money happened, he wasnt even home! ever since the ATF came pounding on his door over the gun issue, he knew the asshole who shot off the gun and hid him in his house and refused to answer the door, he has been behaving. he has a job now. I guess getting his water and lights cut off, opened his eyes. we have complained directly to the police about him, we are finally getting results. we shall see what the summer brings......ciao baby! (mauh) Liz


  1. Hooray for your permit! Cheers!

  2. Get a Bersa Thunder Ultra Compact 9mil. I have a Lorcin .380 and the bullets are hard to come by, and expensive! Plus it weighs 3# empty and only holds 6 shots.

    The BT holds 13 or 17 rounds, only weighs 31 oz. loaded, is only 1.3" wide, and 9 mil bullets are easier to find and CHEAPER! Not to mention you can lock the action open, and break it down for cleaning in 15 seconds!

    Be prepared to wait a while tho if you have to order it... it is the hottest gun going. Wait is 5 to 10 weeks!