Thursday, March 19, 2009

Self Checkouts

Today's rant is about SELF CHECKOUTS at your local retail place. As I have told yall before, I work as a cashier at a big box home improvement store. Sometimes I have to man the self check out station aka SCO. As a consumer, when I have just a few items, I prefer SCOs. Its fast, easy to work and I don't have to deal with idiots who grab a item with no scan tag or people who INSIST on taking 20 mins to write a check ( heeellloooooo, ever heard of a check card?????)for 3 items. It never seizes to amaze me how people are so afraid to use them. I have been screamed at, cursed at and belittled by customers who refused to use them. Its not rocket science people!!!! 5 easy steps!
1~locate the UPC or scan bars on the item
2~wave the item in front of the scanner
3~drop said item into the bag provided. this part is important, with each UPC bar code, there is a weight associated with it in the computer. if you don't put the item into the bag, the computer cant compare the weight to the UPC. then you get to hear that annoying bitch voice tell you.....please put item into the bag. if you don't, the babysitter of the SCO (moi) has to override the command and that may take a few seconds. if you try to sneak something into the bag, the voice will say, undetermined weight has been added, please remove item. this voice will also will come up if you put your purse on the scale or a child sits on it. yes its annoying as hell, but its to keep everything honest and on the up and up.
4~once you finished scanning and dropping into the bag, you hit the 'finish and pay' button.
5~tender your payment (cash, credit card, gift card, store credit and yes even checks)
there you have it, how to use a SCO. Learn it people! It is our future whether you like it or not!
the SCOs will not be taking any jobs, you still need a babysitter for them. when it gets real busy, there are more than one person there to help people. Also its our job to TEACH you how to use them. although......if you READ the screens and follow the directions its very easy. I have taught people how to use them in Walmart. thank you for your co operation in this matter.

ciao baby!
(mauh) Liz


  1. LOL! I was a casheir too but I *hate* sco's. My mom refuses to use them at walmrt cause she says she isn't working for the walden family for free when they own a trillion dollar corp. I hate them because even if you follow the directions correctly (and I have a genius IQ and I do follow their directions) they still freeze, screw up, etc. Too much hastle.

    I agree with you on checks though... I only write checks for bills.

  2. I am Desiree's mom. ONE person babysits 4 sco's at our local walmart, which represents 3 other people who could be feeding their families (or paying rent instead of living with Mom).

    My dh works for Home Depot, which 4 years ago at a starvation wage, told mt dh he was topped out and "never would get another dime of raise as long as you work here." We still have 6 kids left at home... on $30K a year... and HOW much did gas and a gallon of milk cost 4 years ago as opposed to now?

    I will NOT work for them for nothing, if I have to stand in line a year.