Friday, April 17, 2009

good news and bad news!

I have some good news and bad news!
First the bad news, would you believe the blue roof turn me down for a job???? Yesterday I went to the mailbox and found the standard REJECTION post card from them '' Thank you for expressing interest in working for the big blue roof, but we have no position to fit your needs at this time.....yada yada yada...... Oh bullbutter! You wanted me to work in the garden center full time, even though it is my background. I went to Horticulture School waaaaaay back in the late 70's. I did explain I wasn't interested in the garden center because I am too old to deal with the extreme heat and cold. I was mainly interested in cashiering. oh well, YOUR loss!

Now for the good news, right after I got back from the mailbox and feeling really dejected and a looser, I got a phone call from another application I had put in. It for a upscale grocery store that is opening a new store near my house! I have been trying to get my foot into the door of this grocery chain for months now. I needed another part time job to catch up on bills and things but they had a hiring freeze (like everyone else) but I knew they were building a new store and it would be opening soon. The manager asked if I could come to his store this am and be interviewed, I said of course! Since I had 10 years experience with this chain's major competitor they were eager to talk with me. Interview went well, next thing I know, I have a job! woohooo! I'm not sure what I will be doing, they will let me know by Wednesday or Thursday as soon as the results of my background check and drug test comes back. They want me, they need to decide where I am going to go. Between my cashiering, customer service, bookkeeping, receiving and payroll experience I am willing to go anywhere! I can breathe a big sighe of relief now.

I picked up my last paycheck today from the orange box. As soon as I walked in, all of my friends came running up to me and said....we miss you! Good to know that I am missed. HR did make sure my vacation time was cashed out on this check. I will have something to pay bills and get grocerys with til I start with my new job. I am estimating I will start offically May 1. In the meantime, VEC and I will be having a 3 way phone call about unemployment bennies. I will probaly collect for the 2 weeks I was out of work. 2 weeks is better than nothing and since I have contributed to the fund all these years without tapping it, I should get alittle sum-sum.

Ciao baby!
(mauh) Liz

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  1. Yeah, my dh got a reject from the blue roof too, even though he was a certified nurseryman from the orange box. Go figure.

    If it is the same major upscale grocery as my son got on with last summer, it took *3* weeks for his background check to come back! He called them every other day and finally got on. Union and all.

    Good luck!

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