Thursday, April 9, 2009

hope you are happy now......

this post is addressed to the asshole who came thru my line this past Sunday at the big orange box. your sorry ass had a hissy fit when I could not price match lumber with the prices from the blue roof store. policy USE to be, the orange box does not price match lumber with any of its competitors. lumber is a COMMODITY, the prices change just about everyday. apparently the policy has change and unbeknown est to me, you could have gotten a price match. When I told you I did not have the authority to price match for the 2nd time, you yelled at me in front of customers and stormed off. I didn't even get a chance to call a head cashier or call a manager to get permission to price match!! then you came back into the store to yell at me AGAIN and to inform me that you were going to talk to my manager and tell him how rude I was to you. you claimed that you do a lot of business in this store and you were on a first name basis with the store manager. you dirt didn't even know his right name. you are a bully! you think if you yell loud enough and long enough to a cashier or store associate you will get what you want. really sad part is to this incident, you pulled this stunt in front of your son, teaching him its OK to bully females and then you had the nerve to LIE to the manger as to what really happened . well guess what motherfucker......I got FIRED!!! I am out of JOB. reason I was fired was '' failure to provide customer service'' what the hell??? it was only 4 pieces of timber and $4!!!!!!! was it worth the hissy fit and acting like a little girl? when management grovels to you and offers a small compensation for your troubles will you be able to get a woody without the Viagra? Its a good thing the orange box has an appeal process. there is a very slight chance I will get my job back, I may have to transfer to another store. along as I have a job it will be all good. I did get flippant with you in the beginning of our little chit chat only because you were trying to bully me into disregarding store policy. you had already asked a lumber associate if the orange box priced matched with the blue roof and he told you no. you were bound and determined to get what you want and started to bully me. was it worth it? over a lousy $4??? and here is the kicker......that wood you wanted for that price match? its now on sale at the orange box for the same price you were you feel like a real man now..... don't you have a dog to kick or something?
P.S. all this was captured on security cameras
ciao baby!
(mauh) Liz


  1. I could hardly hide my excitement when google posted a warning about adult content, bring it on! I read your post about the asshole and wanted you to know that you are being touted as a hero for having the balls to tell it for real. You touched my heart today and I thank you. I am an RN and work in ERs. I have been called everything that starts with F, B and C. I think my favorite name had to be written down because said asshole had informed me I WAS NOT GONNA PUT THAT TUBE DOWN HIS THROAT TO WASH OUT THE MIDOL HE OD'D ON (a real class act) AND WAS NOT GONNA PEE FOR ME. Needless to say, he did get the tubes, notice I said TUBES, LOL!I always love it when they become contrite.
    I have always prayed for Karma and believe strongly in it. You're gonna do fine, wish I could hug you, Elaine (quilter)

  2. Dang, sorry that you got fired at the depot... and yeah, Karma will catch up with the jackass.

  3. aww girlfriend. SO sorry. Bit I know you are going to land on your feet and that guy will still be rude and scum.

  4. Your story of rude customers really got to me. I was in retail way too long too. The last customer that pissed me off told me that she hoped that me or my family didn't come into the hospital where she was a nurse because she would make sure we didn't leave alive. I thought about reporting her because I had her name, address, and everything but I didn't....I figured Karma would get her. Karma is a bitch!