Tuesday, April 14, 2009

nothing yet

just a little progress report. nothing yet. HR at home depot FINALLY called me back about my grievence call. Its a done deal, I am fired. we all know it is bullshit. I wouldnt play the kissmyass game and I got terminated. I am 52 years old people, to damn old to play games. I requested that I am terminated out of home depots system ASAP so I can get my 61 vacation hour pay that is due to me. Management at store level can be spiteful and leave you in the system and make you wait forever for your vacation pay. I told HR that. I have already filed for unemployment and waiting to hear about the 3 way phone call to be taking place sometime in the future. Had a interview with the blue roof and waiting for a call for a 2nd interview, nothing yet. everyday I am on the puter at least 2 hour on the net filling out applications. tomarrow I will get out of the house and do a little grocery shopping. we shall see how it goes.
ciao baby!
(mauh) Liz

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